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Extending the network

  • Client: East Lothian Council
  • Contract Value: £650,000
  • Timescales: March 2008 - September 2008
  • Partners: East Lothian Council and Charles River Laboratories
  • Funding Source: CERT
  • Previous Fuel Source: Electricity


 Extending the gas supply to the village of Elphinstone made it available to 283 domestic properties and 20 large commercial premises. The owner of the commercial properties agreed to share the infrastructure cost with East Lothian Council which owned 85 of the domestic properties. We were able to help the Council source around £44,000 towards its share under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT).

All of the Council owned properties were connected to gas while over half of the privately owned homes opted for a connections as well.

Approximately 1.2 kilometres of Intermediate Pressure feeder main was laid in order to feed the village. This also involved the installation of a pressure reduction installation at the outskirts of the village to reduce the network pressure to a safe limit for the domestic properties.

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