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Tackling fuel poverty - Sandwell Homes

  • Client: Sandwell Homes
  • Contract value: £1
  • Timescales: October 2010 - April 2011
  • Partners: Sandwell Warm Zones and Veolia Water Multi-Utility Services
  • Funding source: ES Pipelines Asset Value
  • Previous fuel source: Electricity


Veolia Water Multi Utility Services in partnership with ES Pipelines,  Sandwell Homes and Sandwell Warm Zones extended the natural gas network to 197 homes in the Metric Estate in Smethwick.

Of the 127 Sandwell Homes tenants and 70 private owners. 91% took a gas connection and 67% of these had gas central heating installed.

Sandwell Warm Zones offered entitlement checks to each Private owner and sourced funding for the gas connection and central heating installation for those who qualified.

We provided an Asset Value to Veolia to offset the cost of the network construction which meant Veolia was able to complete the contract for Sandwell Homes for £1.00. The network is now being managed by ES Pipelines.

"The one pound installation fee and the cheaper fuel prices it will bring to tenants, means this was an offer we simply couldn't refuse." - John Clayton, Investment Director for Sandwell Homes

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