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  • Client: The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Contract Value: £196,000
  • Timescales: September 2010 - March 2011
  • Partner: The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Funding source: CERT
  • Previous Fuel Source: Electricity


The 225 households on the Gateside Estate in Kirkliston had only electricity for their heating and cooking until the City of Edinburgh Council - which owned 118 of the properties - decided to seek to have mains gas installed. We worked with the Council to source £100,000 of funding for the project from energy supplier Eon as part of its Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) obligations.

We will be providing a rebate to the Council on a sliding scale based on the number of private properties on the Estate which request us to install a gas supply and meter over the 12 months following completion of the project.

Consultations with private residents enabled us to source additional funding for those who chose to switch to gas and we were also able to use the eaga plc rebate scheme. The Energy Savings Trust provided private residents with benefit checks and referrals to the Warm Front Scheme for those who qualified for assistance with the cost of the gas connection and heating installation.

"The residents in Gateside have campaigned for many years to have gas installed in their homes." - Councillor Norman Work

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