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Dual fuel infill project at Weir Street

  • Client: Cloch Housing Association
  • Contract value: £250,000
  • Timescale: 6 months
  • Partners: CCG Ltd.
  • Funding sources: Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme
  • Previous fuel source: Electric storage heaters
  • Properties: 87

Weir Street is a unique infill project which afforded ES Pipelines the opportunity to provide both gas connections and new electricity connections to 87 socially owned properties in Scotland.

With the District Heating Scheme which previously served these properties no longer in operation, Cloch Housing Association reached out to ESP to extend the natural gas network to them and also replace the existing electricity supply.

Due to the area in which the properties were located, ESP was also able to access the Fuel Poor Network Extension scheme which was returned to the client retrospectively.

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